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Joico Color Intensity Eraser

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Erase with Ease. Thanks to Joico's Color Intensity Eraser color-obsessed clients can now change their custom color quickly and easily while leaving locks gleaming in healthy condition. In 30 minutes or less, our brilliant K-PAK Keratin-enriched formula lifts direct dyes, leaving hair ready for it's next color transformation.

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  • Easy one-step direct dye removal in 30 minutes or less
  • Drip-free formula - easy to apply
  • Contains proteins that help condition and protect hair during lifting
  • Amino acids to help boost lifting power and guard against breakage
  • Hair identical proteins to help protect hair's integrity
  • Removes direct dyes/semi-permanent color in 1 step
  • Creamy - drip-free formula
  • Cuticle-nourishing K-PAK proteins help condition hair during lifting - for healthier results
  • Endless creative uses.
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